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Beginner - Made a stupid mistake - Will I get thrown of Fiverr or will the Gods show mercy?

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Hi there,

I did a bad thing.

A thing that I think happens pretty often here, particularly amongst newbie freelancers.

Yup, you guessed it. I was discussing a potential project with a client (this would have been my 3rd job) and I asked as part of the negotiation if he would be willing to do any work outside of Fiverr. 

BAM! The message was sent to Fiverr's Terms and Conditions folk for a potential breach of guidelines.

Hell, I know I did wrong. I know it was stupid. And it won't happen again, Fiverr Gods, I swear it! 

But tell me this, how likely is it that I will be hurled off the platform, never to be permitted to return again? Or does Fiverr operate on a policy of strikes (i.e. 3 and your out) ? 

If anyone could inform me further on this, it would help me get some sleep! 

All the best, apologetically,


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