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Me and My Fiverr


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I have been doing graphics and web designing since one and half year, but I always use to end up with $100 a month. My friend told me about fiverr. He used to work day and night and used to say me that he earns dollar from his table inside his room. I was surprised. I too planned to joined fiverr. I create my account on November, 2012.

First 3-4 days, the account just remained dead. there were no order, no message. I didn’t feel that fiverr would really work. But on the fifth day, I got a order of $5. And wow, its working. That month, the sales was so high. I made 4 times money, i used to get from my salary.

I thought of buying a laptop, I asked my brother who is in USA, he bought and sent me. The first most expensive purchase I made for myself. I made six gigs of different category, But only one worked. I create Business cards everyday. I did try to publicize all my gigs, but i do not know the reason why only one worked.

On the first month my gig was in the first position in Business card listing. But slowly i received bad rating. Bad ratings for delivering the right file. I felt, some people make you do the work, ask you to review and at the end say it was totally a crap. I smile to that kind of person. Just for $5, they try to cheat on us. But, i do not care. I think I have more positive clients, more then hundred whom i need to give quality service.

Every day, i wake up, I login into my fiverr account, till i go to bed.

Fiverr has changed the economy of my life.

Thank you Fiverr. You really do rock.! /m

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