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Gig not found in search results


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I see all my gigs in my Fiverr account,and it's active but I can't find it in search results.
I even turn on online sellers,local sellers and I still can't find all of them (I mean I did it for all of my gigs but can't find them,even gigs with reviews)

I even put price ranges,still the same thing,and impression has decreased totally.


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Hello wonderful sellers and buyers, please am not finding my gigs in search results,am the advice I got is that I should keep working with my old buyers so as to get good feedback from them so as for my gigs to be back.

Please any lead will be appreciate from you,even if it's $5 order I will really appreciate just for my gigs to be back in position.

Here is my gig link 🙏🙏


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