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How to rank gigs in 2023 ?


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2 minutes ago, moshiurkazi said:

Try to be active on your Fiverr profile, Check the GIG pricing, and focus on GIG image optimization also do marketing on social platforms. Best wishes to you. 😊

Can you describe gig optimization?

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19 minutes ago, ahxniqbal said:

I'm a digital marketing expert on Fiverr right now and have 0 reviews on my gig. how new customers can trust me on my expertise and give me orders?

That's your job. 

Market your product.

If you can't do it for yourself, then don't charge your customers for your services. 

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Simple: be an actual expert at what you do and learn how Fiverr works (hint: being an actual professional and not a pretender is what lands you success). That, plus a lot of hard work, patience and by treating your profile as the business it is, not thinking it's just a quick way to earn some cash. 

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One of the basic tips to rank your gig on the first page of a Fiverr is to create good descriptions and tags and perfectly described services in the description window. In this way, your gig can be in the top-ranked gigs even if you are a new seller.
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