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My available fund just changed to "$132.0"


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If what the TRS’s are saying is true, I’m excited for the change. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the new rating system, and Fiverr doesn’t have the best track record in keeping sellers happy but I have faith.

And I know it’s not 3 things, but one BIG thing Fiverr did for us recently is take mutual cancellations off the “negative rating” side of the coin. That’s HUGE. Let’s not forget that.

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There has been such a negative vibe in the forums lately. Gosh! Be positive guys. Why do you always have to think about the negative things first? Maybe what Bachas or mrproofreading said is the right answer. I agree with them. I also thought it could be that we will have the option to withdraw the funds in a custom way. Let’s say I have $100 and want to withdraw $45.7. That would be great!

I know Fiverr needs to cominicate more with us sellers, but come on, be positive guys. I can be negative too, but it’s too early for that. The thing appeared just today for most sellers and people is already making all kinds of bad assumptions.

No offense to anyone, but please be more optimist even if you are still mad about ARS.

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Guest celticmoon

So, if I understand correctly, TRSs have been able to charge something other than $5.00 per gig during this beta testing?

But why would my revenue amount (or any non-TRS seller’s) change by the odd amount when I’m not yet able to change my prices? That’s what I’m unclear about.

And I now realize my revenue amount became wonky a week ago, on the 9th. I didn’t notice because one of my gigs used to have a shipping fee that left me with that odd amount, but I deleted that gig over a month ago, and all my other gigs have shipping which leaves an even dollar amount. I think I didn’t notice the change last week because, well, it didn’t seem unusual to me. (Fiverr has never added a “0” to the cents place, at least in my time here).

Fiverr is an Israeli company with offices in the U.S.

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