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hello i need your little help


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A rating? Are you sure? 


The most common number of fingers per hand is 5...

 image.png.4ea470eb4225e0dbf23163e995e259fa.png image.png.c00c1da119faa8ed449ffab4fe2f2486.png

That dog must have REALLY long legs to be at knee level. And that skirt has gravity issues, and structure issues. As does the umbrella. And the eyes.

image.png.3eaa5384679a9d601831036ba585f60b.png image.png.101813c44971c4de5cba526c77fd1294.png 

Unrelated to the samples, it's not a good idea to change a gig that far from the original URL, especially when your 'edits' don't fix common AI errors.


In short, while those look okay at a glance, there are SO many issues with anatomy... 

I'd rate them 'amateur'.

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17 hours ago, imagination7413 said:

there are SO many issues with anatomy... 

Really, really common with MidJourney and other AI art. If they're selling AI art without editing, this is to be expected. Since the OP says they're a Photoshop etc. expert, they should perhaps offer *edited* AI pictures to fix those problems.


This line in the OP's gig page: "why do you need to work as a dummies?" I'm not sure what they're trying to say, but it sounds insulting. Why would someone want to buy from you if you call them dummies?

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I think your gig description needs some better text. Try and follow the guide on this thread. 

An example template when writing a gig description is:

  • A brief description of why your clients may need your services.
  • What your gig services offer and what you don't.
  • A call to action so buyers can message you beforehand if they have any questions before placing their orders.


Also, I think you should change your image around and have the first image be the last and the last image be the first. Personally I would do away with the revision comparisons on the image and instead offer revisions and extra. Not only will it clean up your gig but it will earn you more money in the long run. 


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22 hours ago, kalybek665 said:

I corrected some changes in my gig

Better, but the skirt and umbrella canopy structure are still off, and the legs are still incorrect, anatomy-wise. (I think you erased the umbrella's handle.)

The side-by-side is nice, IMO, but you need to label the one that is AI generated.

(In the new image you put up, the train tracks aren't straight.)

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