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Advice getting my first few orders. (product design)


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Hi people,

I don't really know where to ask for help at the moment I am experiencing more views and clicks than in a while yet when it comes to orders it seems to be low.
I'm wondering if this is because I'm not so high on the fivrr search results.
I tried using more keywords in my description tags and FAQ but I can't think of really any other ways to get it higher.
Is it me or am I just missing something, I honestly was just hoping you guys could give me some advice or your opinion about my gig 

if you are interested here is my gig.
Thanks for any help and your time 🙂

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Did you use an automatic translator for your gig description? There are a few odd word choices in there, like 'address'. Also some odd redundancies. You can take out the first 'about me' sentence, as that's already in your profile and has nothing to do with the gig. 

Please see:


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