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What does the new option "Hosting Setup" actually mean?



Hello everyone. 

A few hours ago, I received a notification "Action required: Increase your visibility by completing your Gig information." So, I went to edit my gig and found a new option "Hosting Setup".

If I enable it, do I have to buy a domain and hosting for the buyer and then upload the codes, databases, etc there? Or all I have to do is to upload codes, databases, etc. and they will buy the domain, and hosting and give login access to me?


I know it is a silly question, but I really want to make sure about it 😕


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I believe it is the initial option you have listed. It entails purchasing and setting up a hosting plan on the clients behalf and integrating their domain name or purchasing one for them if they do not currently have one. 

It is a slightly unusual option given how Fiverr works and you cannot just send an invoice or reminder to a customer's email in the future to renew the hosting plan but it is a great way to acquire repeat customers. Simply just explain what it entails and that it will need to be renewed and the implications if it is not renewed in the future. 

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