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Payoneer payout fees?



Hi, I was debating whether to payout via Paypal or Payoneer, and ended up choosing Payoneer account. I do seek a clarification about the payout fees though.

Refgarding fees of paying out to a payoneer account, Fiverr states:


Fees may apply.

And Payoneer states: 

  • You’ll pay a fixed $1 fee every time you withdraw from Fiverr to Payoneer, no matter how much you withdraw.
  • It takes up to 48 hours for your funds to clear on your Fiverr Revenue card, but you can pay a $3 fee if you want the money to clear within 2 hours."

    It is now the second time I paid out to Payoneer, and in both times I was billed the full 3$, without any option to choose (I don't mind it taking 2 days, and even though it's not a lot, it accumulates over time).

    So, is the fee actually a flat 3$ rather than a choice between 1$ and 3$?
    If not, how can you choose the delivery time? I couldn't find any option regarding it.

    Thank you! 
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