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Guides: How to create a "bond" with your buyer and get 100% 5 stars rating


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Ok, let’s admit it, Fiverr is an awesome platform and it needs both buyers and service providers (sellers). I see many people are unsatisfied with the new star feedback based system.

However, with a bit of imagination and some relax music (+ a 0.50 mg of Alprazolan 🙂 - just kidding) - you should handle all type of clients and make them trust you.

Everything starts when a buyer contacts you.

  1. Make sure you reply him back as soon as possibly. I have the Fiverr App on my Note 3, all of you have a smartphone, I’m sure of that. Ok, now, no matter what I do (shopping, gym, personal life - yeah - when I’m with partner… “Hold on baby, I have a message on Fiverr” - yeah, I know, is kinda lame but… that’s it ).

  2. Try to detail answering to the inquire messages what you offer. Try to present the benefits of what you offer. Make your buyer want your gig AND YOUR EXTRAS (for obvious reasons).

  3. Be polite, some users don’t even know what pageRank or Alexa is, or what’s do-follow or no-follow. I explain them the terms so they feel comfortable they know what they pay for (and to make them trust me that I know what I’m talking about)

  4. My gig (I really don’t want to spam the forums, so no links) is about a review/advert on one of my quite popular blogs. It has very good stats/visitors/looks professional etc. My buyers want me to advertise their products, website (I had a couple of orders to review other seller’s GIGs). They get a real backlink, the link will stay there forever etc. I let my buyers know they can sens guest posts as well. They’re quite satisfied and since I started to give up on my standard messages my gig extra sales increased substantially. So, it does work.

  5. Always respect the buyer requests. Sometimes, in my case, people want to see the work before it gets published. I allow them to do that and I tell them to feel free to adjust it as per their needs.

  6. Try to deliver as soon as possible. I also ordered a couple hundreds on gigs so far and I was impressed when my work was delivered in 3 hours.

  7. In the delivery message highlight that if the buyer is not 100% satisfied, just PM back. So, be open to revisions.

  8. Now, when you’re client is really satisfied in 99,99 of them will give you 5 stars. + many of them will return with other orders. Just because, psychologically, a bond between you and the buyer was created.

    P.S: Of Course, there are the non-communicative buyers. Feel them, don’t stress the hell out of them. An angry buyer is most likely to give you 2-3 stars. Just because. 🙂

    Hope it helps.
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Reply to @kjblynx and @gams:

Yeah, lol. I remember a few weeks ago, I went to a club with some friends. We had a few drinks, the music was just perfect… Notification from Fiverr. And the buyed asked some additional question.

Now, half drunk, type the polite and engaging message. Which I just did. 🙂

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Reply to @skydesigner: why would you cancel for 4.5 stars? If we were to cancel anything lower than 5 stars we’d ruin somehow our reputation in that particular buyer’s perception.

Take it this way. We’re not perfect, buyers are not perfect. Although I myself love my 5 stars flooding my inbox, although if I get a 3 star review with an “awesome work, 100% satisfied” feedback… I am aware besides contacting the buyer and asking him nicely if I can do something (often buyers just click a whatever star and that’s it )… I have nothing else to to.

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