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I have achieved level 2 few weeks ago and suddenly sales dropped for no reason, why?


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I am very surprised and upset about this issue. I was getting good orders but suddenly my sales dropped for no reason. My gigs are not getting views and have no sales. I am very upset about what has just happened. Even though I was getting more sales at lower levels and even after attaining level 2 there are no sales. Please let me know what can be the reason and hope to improve sales.

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9 hours ago, avanitech7 said:

am very surprised and upset about this issue.

I think the general consensus so far has been that now you're competing against other level 2 sellers 'more' (as in, your gigs aren't just going against level one, but level 2 as well, in a way.) You might have had good stats for level 1, but there might be others in the same category who just outdo you on level 2. 

If I'm being honest, I'm not sure I'd dare to order from you. Don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of not-so-perfect reviews, and I won't blame you for those, but the way you reply to some of those clients would turn me off. I totally get the need to stand up for yourself, but there are more tactful ways to do it. You do seem to have a ton of return clients, though, so hopefully, things will work out for you (since they'll likely still order from you again!)

I will also say that your gigs read a bit differently from how you communicate with buyers/on here. People might feel misled (though, of course, you can't really judge writers based on their chatting tones only, but still! Maybe making sure that you communicate in a similar manner to how your gigs are written would help as well.

Your gigs look OK, though they could likely use new pictures and some (Fiverr-safe) examples. Those can help bring in sales, too! Obviously, I haven't seen your actual writing/products, so these are just guesses, but... always good to look at what you offer from a buyer's POV first. Once you're sure it's absolutely perfect, look at how you market yourself (and so on.) That's what I do, at least!

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