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how can i get more client in fiverr ???


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4 minutes ago, protikbhowmik1 said:

Here are some tips on how to get more clients on Fiverr:

Optimize your Fiverr profile: Your Fiverr profile is the first thing that potential clients will see, so it's important to make a good impression. Make sure your profile picture, description, and portfolio are all complete and up-to-date.

Use keywords: Use relevant keywords in your gig titles and descriptions so that potential clients can find you when they search for services related to your niche.

Offer competitive pricing: Research what other freelancers in your niche are charging and make sure your pricing is competitive. Consider offering special deals or packages to attract new clients.

Promote your gigs: Use social media and other online channels to promote your Fiverr gigs. This will help you reach a wider audience and attract more clients.

So, you joined Fiverr this month 

You have ZERO sales, and no experience. 

How can you verify that your chatGPT reply is correct?

I suggest that you concentrate on getting your first sale rather than posting stock answers that you have no idea are correct. 


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Take the time to read the highly rated threads covering this topic already on the forum. Look at the seller profiles of the people posting first. Trust the words of those who have been here a while and have many great reviews. Do not trust information from people with only a few sales or who use ChatGPT to create posts.

The ability to take initiative and research properly are vital to business success.

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