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Why my gig is losing impression and clicks?


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I need to know "why my gig is losing impression?" 15 days earlier than today, my gigs were getting 5k+ impressions every day, and also getting two or three knocks from buyers. But suddenly It stops increasing the impression and gets messaging and everything. I talked with the support team, they are saying everything is ok. If everything is ok then why am I facing this? 

You may ask me to do more and share my gig on social media which I am still doing. You may say, my buyers gave negative feedback in a secret survey, which I don't believe according to their conversation with me, a negative review in the secret service may not be possible. My profile ranking in 5 stars, response time is 1 hour. Everything is almost ok. So I can't be getting the reason for this.  If anybody can help me to get back on track, I'll be glad to him/her. 

Thank you

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