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Top Rated Seller gigs vs Pro gigs (both?)


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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here.

Today I got Top Rated Seller and I was wondering. I'm already a Pro Seller and my gigs are doing good, even though some of my gigs dropped in ranking recently.

My question is not, what's the best (TRS vs Pro gigs), but: Does it make sense to have both gigs online? One normal gig (TRS) and one Pro gig of the somewhat same service? If this is even allowed of course. I can see this increase your chances in the search result, but is there anyone who has experience with this? Would this make sense to do or will it hurt my pro gig rankings?

In the overview of all the gigs (when browsing for a service) - my gig only shows I'm a Fiverr Pro Verified and not a TRS or when using the advanced search function to only see TRS gigs - I don't show up (Pro gigs only), so that's the reason I'm wondering if it would make sense to do - to be more present with clients searching for TRS.

I hope someone can help.

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