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Read full description before you buy

Guest lisha5684

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chonchko, I just wanted to post a Thank You from graphic designers everywhere.

I’m actually a graphic designer with years of experience but have been hesitant to offer any of my graphic services here on fiverr because of the low rate (I offer other gigs with success though).

I may try out a graphic design one just because you’ve given me hope that there are buyers out there who can appreciate the work (and I’ll be sure to write and structure my gig well!).

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Guest tn5rr2012

This is a great thread and I have seen the link for it posted on other message boards. I don’t have too many problems with my family tree gig but I do have problems with people not know when their parents were born and expecting me to start their family tree for them when they were born in 1993… LOL

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it is useless to hit your head with such buyers, buyers are using paypal to pay to fiverr and even if your work is 100% ok buyer can still ask his paypal not to pay to fiverr for that order so in any case the buyer wins. Happened with me that one guy came back after ten days of successful completion of the gig and asked me to change the design i refused and i also contacted fiverr customer support and they said try to convince your buyer he can not cancel the order and next day the order was cancelled and money was taken back from my revenues.

Paypal secures buying process you can have your money back using Paypal.

after that incident if someone wants money back i say you are welcome. because there is a probability that if you force your buyer to pay you he might not be happy with the job and will leave you a bad review.

Play Safe don’t be greedy.

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This is some degree a matter of good taste and etiquette. I’ve hardly done this but I’ve learned that people don’t always know what they want. I suppose it’s part of the job of customer service to help guide folks as best we can through the steps from start to finish.

I paid for some voiceovers the other day which turned out excellent. I went to start cutting them up on my computer and realized that I need more. I didn’t think to ask the seller to just do more. If I want it, I gotta order the man’s gig again. It was my bad.

I personally don’t “push” people super way hard with certain things. There’s a sense someone should honestly have when they realize that someone has really gone out of their way to over deliver the job.

Sometimes we have to go the extra mile.

Part of the job is rolling with the circumstances when people don’t exactly know what they want. Part of the job is also helping folks discover what they want even if they don’t know it yet specifically.

On this particular gig of your’s, I feel that the buyer is being a little unfair, however, if we want this Fiverr job to payout, we gotta majorly employ excellent customer service. There’s always the fear of a negative if we get that 1 unreasonable user.

Over deliver. Always be polite. Do your best to be fair, and do your best to structure your gigs to be as clear as possible so that buyers perhaps know there are certain limitations.

Good luck.


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