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Brief was rejected (contact /payment info or spam)


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Hello community, can someone help me? My content is being rejected. It's a compilation of works that I filmed and edited on my own, 100% original. I don't understand the reason for the rejection. It doesn't tell me specifically what the problem is. I've already tried uploading it several times in different ways and it's still being rejected. Can you please help me? I'm attaching the video in low quality so you can tell me if that's the problem or where I'm going wrong. Thank you!


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I uploaded the wrong file
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39 minutes ago, vproduction1 said:

Hello community, can someone help me?

Do you mean you're trying to upload this to your gigs? Or are you trying to send this out as a brief? Based on your title, that's what I'm assuming, which might qualify it spam unless you are looking for someone to work on your video. Briefs aren't for us to advertise our services with; they are for buyers. If you're trying to get work through them, it's classified as spam.

If I misunderstood you and you are having issues creating a gig, I'd double-check the video/title/description just in case.

Maybe you used a clip that you don't have full rights to by accident? 

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