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For the Order Requirements, we have a couple of feature requests.

One would be to allow some conditional logic to the form like most other form builders online have. For instance, we have a question asking buyers if they bought our scriptwriting service or not, then a couple of the proceeding questions have to do with some buyers who have and some who have not bought the scripts. It would be great to only show certain questions to buyers who answer questions a certain way. 

Another feature we would love to see (again, that most online form builders have) is the ability to add file type and size requirements to file uploads on the order requirements. For instance, we require buyers to upload a logo file for us to use in the video. However, about 50% of the time, the buyer uploads something else (not a logo file) or uploads something too small that we cannot use. If we were able to, say, choose to only have buyers be able to upload PNG or AI files for the logos that must be more than 200KB, then it would make our lives a whole lot easier. Basically, we love the gig requirements to gather info but we feel that compared to a lot of features that form builders have had for years, the Order Requirements form should have some of those features too.



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