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But I'm from the U.S. ((help))


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I recently joined Fiverr, completed my profile, and added a couple of Gigs. I noticed that Fiverr has me listed as living in KIRIBATI.

I went to edit function, and it was nothing there in order to change where I am currently listed (KIRIBATI) to the United States.

Can anyone help me out to correct this? Thanks in advance.



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Hey Bud! Quick thing that you can check while you wait for CS to respond:

goto fragglesrock, then click the “More Info About You,” Underlined text.

This will show you where your IP ADDRESS is registered too. Check and see if

it’s showing as your actual city (or close to it as mine shows as 2 townships over)

or Kiribati…

Fiver’s registration methods check your IP to determine your location on this big blue ball…If it’s showing as ANywhere USA…That will show up…etc… etc…

Hope I Helped!

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Hey there,

maybe you were on a VON or proxy or something. Ormaybe Fiverr has an non-updated geo-location databased.

This geo-location thingy detects where you from by logging your IP address when you create your Fiverr account.

And sometimes, IP B and C classes (usualy) ICAAN, the authority that handles these stuff, take several thousands of IP addresses and attribute them to another location or even another country.

Si if there been a mismatch of the two, voila!

However, open a ticket at http://fiverr.com/support, send them a prrof that you’re really living in the US and you should be fine fine.

However, due to the high volume of various requests, expect a response in 2-72 hours.


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