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Why does Fiverr allows a seller to list multiple times the save services with a different titlte

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I am looking for new source of solo ads and I am finding out that the same seller 5 or 6 solo ads listing but it’sbasically all of the same. It’s SPAMMY. Why does Fiverr allow the same vendor to trick a buyer into believing that a service will be different than another when it’s all the same?

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I’m thinking this person is complaining about something different all together.

Fiverr only gives us so much room to describe our gigs and extras, etc…

For this reason I offer 2 Different Gigs that are almost the same thing… But at

the same time totally different. (I’m not gonna link to my own gigs and get Sherrifed)

Theres just not enough room or time in the ad (1 minute tops) to describe multiple set

options, voices, layovers, formats, yadda yadda yadda… So you create multiple Gigs with a similar theme but totally different layout.

Then…There’s what I am learning is the biggest problem. Say FIVERR gave us UNLIMITED room to write a descriptions, add pics to descriptions, etc… MOST BUYERS NEVER FULLY READ THE DESCRIPTION of the gig in the first place! They just glance it over and order without realizing exactly what they are getting or how the process works. So keeping the description Short and Precise Helps the Seller A LOT. Bullet points baby! Thus creating the need to create Multiple Similar Gigs with Different “Niche’s” of needs…

Wow…That’s a lot to read by itself…

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