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Multiple commercial rights option on voice over work




I have noticed that voice over artists have the option for adding multiple commercial rights and multiple full broadcast rights to a project. They have a dropdown menu that says how many to add. I do not quite understand why a buyer would need to purchase more than one commercial rights or broadcast rights per project. Could it be that they mean for the buyer to add another set of commercial/broadcast rights if they intend to use the project for two or more different projects? Any help appreciated because I can't find an answer on fiverr or online.

Many thanks!

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Are you talking about this dropdown? If yes, you only have to purchase the rights once.

The dropdown allows you to order multiple commercial or broadcast rights in case you are ordering multiple scripts at once. Let's say a voice-over artist offers 100 words for $10. If you have two scripts of 100 words each. You can place a single $20 order and order two commercial or broadcast rights.

If you are in doubt, simply send the voice-over artist a message and request that they provide you with a quote.

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