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A typical buyer asking for free work as a revision request thread (developement work)


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Hello everyone , hope your day is doing better than mine 🙂
as a freelancing developer its hard to agree on things like hosting fee , technology used and that sort of things , i looked into this problem on fiverrs TS and it seems that if you have all description/requirement/revision setup on the order you will definetly not be taken advantage of by the user 
so i always take a long time setting the order up before sending it to the buyer to avoid theme situations , little did i know 
past couple of days after understading what the buyer wants and what will i deliver , i sent him a very detailed order and he accepted it (note that the order also did not offer any revisions) 
after finishing the task , i delivered it with all documentation and video of me testing the system with all functions mentioned in the order 
a few hours later the buyer started a revision request for a "testing phase" for a function that was not included in the order , i simply clarified that we didn't agree on it but i'll be happy to deliver as a seperate work 
then i re-delivered the work , he created another one saying that no its supposed to be included , i told them that i'll do my best providing it as a seperate thing and the work should be confirmed on the agreed-on functions not what they " want it to be " , and if they created another request i would probably contact Fiverrs support and resolve the issue 
after filling out a ticket explaining the situation , i got a reply of you should be a better communicator and make the buyer happy ( basically a machine reply) , and also accused me of editing my gigs description a few hours before sending a ticket (which is not true , i didn't edit it in weeks) which is honestly a huge red flag that they just assume that i tried to scam the buyer , even thought everything regarding the order is written on the orders describtion
- after that i thanked them for the reply and further explained that the work is finished and asked if they can manually review it based on information from order and the video i provided
i got a reply of them basically telling me to do extra work for free just to make the buyer happy , and its only possible for the order to be confirmed if the buyer says that
and the revision limit option is basically nothing and more of a visual thing  , they also didn't reply to my question about "editing my gig"
- i'm not entirly sure of what to do in this situation since it would both damage my completion rate / few days wasted working on it ( if i choose to just cancel ) , and also the buyer already has the work delivered for them via the order page 
- and if i choose just to go with it and do the extra work for free , it'll take a long of time and may open the door for the buyer to ask for more 

* what do you recommend  i should do ?
and thanks for your time reading 

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