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I didn't getting order


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Hi @ahmedasif981,

Welcome to the forum!

Here's some of my feedback on your gig:

1. It looks like you are keyword-stuffing your gig title and gig descriptions. In the words of @frank_d:


If you still think about SEO, and keywords, and ranking, you already lost the game.

You can read more about what really matters here:


2. Because you are keyword-stuffing your title and gig are not friendly to your buyers. Your gig description is not written with your buyers in mind. They won't want to read your gig description because it is just a long list of words that are bunched together in a really hard-to-read way. Instead, write your gig description just like how you wrote your bio - in a personable and and approachable way. Be yourself and show how you can solve your buyers' problems.

3. Your gig thumbnail has "cosultation" instead of "consultation." You also don't utilize all three images, 2 PDFs, and gig video that you can use to showcase your skills and convince your buyers that you are the seller that they want to place an order with. Remember that you have stiff competition on the platform, so the purpose of your profile is to sell YOU and convince your buyers to click the order button on your gig (not your competitor's).

4. You should also utilize all 10 of your FAQs to answer any question your buyer might have. This makes it easier for them to click on the order button, too.

5. You should probably go through each of your gigs thoroughly to make sure that it is optimized for your target audience. This article may help you:


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