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Why have I not received my first orders, despite all the promotion through social media and Fiverr promotion



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It’s because your gig is not competitive enough to standout. If you are a new seller go through the best selling gigs on Fiverr and observe the things that how they have presented their gigs, what they are offering, gig images, description, tags and everything must be observed. Remember that you are a new seller and there are millions of people you are going to compete with.

  • Make as many gigs as you are allowed
  • Keep your gigs unique from titles to tags
  • Stay active on Fiverr
  • Keep yourself update with the changes

I hope this will help you out.

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1 hour ago, carthy_resume said:

Why haven't I gotten my first order despite all the promotion of gig through social media, Fiverr promotion and SEO

maybe your description is not good enough to make client purchase your service, if i was you, I will starting double check : title, description, tag, image...

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3 hours ago, carthy_resume said:

Please check out my gigs and give me feedback.

Here's what I felt about your gigs at the first glance:

  1.  Your thumbnails have too much text on it. Everything mashed up together, making it really hard to read
  2. The gig description is good but surely can be better. Do some formatting, it will make it easy for your clients to read.

But hey, You got you first order! and I can see you have another one in queue as well. Congratulations!

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