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Enable or disable the video chat option

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My suggestion is to allow sellers to enable or disable video chat options for sellers:

  • not everyone is as good at speaking English as they are at writing
  • moreover, the number of different English accents is quite significant
  • not everyone may want to show their face in front of the camera. For instance, I have a less-than-ideal appearance, which makes video calls unsuitable for me
  • not everyone is mentally prepared for that kind of direct communication with the client.


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Well, you're not forced to join in a video call. You can tell your buyer that you are not comfortable with a video call. Also, only sellers can initiate video calls. 

- You don't need to have perfect English skills to work on Fiverr, working proficiency would be fine. Understandably, if you're offering voice over or writing services, then you would have to shine a bit more than the rest. I don't think that should be a deterrent from having a video chat.

- English accents don't really matter for most services, it would be such a boring world if everyone had the same accent. This is a global marketplace - it's acceptable to hear different accents. People who judge or make fun of accents probably have not travelled that much. Unless you are offering voiceover services and your actual voice on voice call do not match your samples, I don't think accents should be an issue.

- The video calls are powered by Zoom. You can choose to keep the screen off and only the audio will be heard during the call.

- Well, yes this is understandable. The video call does not randomly start, you set it similarly to a Zoom call. And you are in control if you want to set one or not.

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