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Greetings dear Pros in the house!

I have a content account that I offer any services related to content like ebook writing, uploading and promotion of ebooks, content for online courses and designing of a course website, etc...My account has reached level one seller and I received some offers from Fiverr which I was given to like seller plus, promoted gigs, and the likes, even I was able to receive a Fiverr choice badge from Fiverr but I wasn't used that to make money before it was removed now to my question, I deliver a project early last month to a new client who has just bought 2 projects on Fiverr and he gave 4 starts rating with good review and Fiverr stop promoting the promoted gigs, once I discover that I chatted with one my clients to help me out and clean the mess and she does and they return promoed gig but to my surprise, my gigs haven't been receiving messages talkless of order. So I need help to get back my gigs promoted and start receiving orders.


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Please what advice can you give to me as a level one seller with a seller plus badge and 2 promoted gigs and nearly close to becoming a level 2 seller? I have an issue with my account which has been causing me a headache, I have been getting low sales on my account for over a month now with all the credibility I have, my overall rating is 4.9 and my Average selling price is 78.74. please what do you think can be the cause for the low sales and what advice can you give me to work on

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