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Which protection does the seller gets from Fiverr?




I am in the middle of order with someone.

This person is making me lots of troubles and not willing to complete the order even that I completed the tasks he asked me. It happens that i am the 3rd in fiverr that he will not willing to complete the order he leaves it like that and not paying.

How could it be that I cannot get protection from Fiverr after investing more extra hours in completing the job above the one I sold him and I don't see a penny of it?

Why does Fiverr don't ban those people and protect us, the honest sellers? Whats in it for me for giving Fiverr 20% commission and 3% more to other service until I see the money to the bank and I even don't get the minimum protection !?

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Unfortunately we don’t know the details of the order. 
Fiverr does offer protection and they never cancelled my order when there was a dispute. 
But if they did cancel your order then that means that there was something wrong with your delivery and client was able to prove it. CS doesn’t cancel orders without proof. 


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