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I am a new user, how do I get my first order?


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Hi dmytro_2022,

It takes a lot of patience and care of your profile.
Analyze the performance of your gigs every day but above all analyze the other profiles to get an idea of the average price of your service.
Create clear, eye-catching images to attract potential customers.
I received my first order after about 3/4 months.

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I just analyzed your profile.
The images are very nice, professional, but in my opinion they need to be fixed.

  1. The first image (in your case it's a video) must explain your service. If I were a buyer with just a table in a kitchen, I don't immediately understand what you're offering.
  2. You have 5 images and 1 video, for a total of 6 slideshows and you are using 3 different resolutions (vertical, full screen landscape and another smaller landscape). I advise you to keep a smoother resolution, it is more professional in my opinion.
  3. The description of your gig is what in jargon is called "a wall of words": a very dense single text. Try to separate the various sections (section introducing yourself and section what you offer). In my opinion it is much easier to find information this way.

Anyway, be patient, you've been signed up for a month.

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Хотіли б почути від вас, як підвищити свої шанси на успіх? Як знайти першого клієнта? Які для цього потрібні дії? І чи мій Гіг достатньо привабливий для ринку.

Мої концерти:  https://www.fiverr.com/share/6eP17X

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