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Buyer wants something different from the work she originally ordered after I spent so much time doing it.



Hello everyone,

One client I did a writing job for some months ago recently asked me to do a shorter version of the same project. She was very happy with the original work. So, I did the shorter version for her and she requested a revision twice. After I did the revisions, she told me she wants something totally different. I asked her for more details and examples of what she wants it to look like, but she seemed to get irritated about my questions. She did not send any examples, but I did it for her anyway. When I submitted it, she just replied with "disappointing", and only THEN, she sends me examples.

Then she wanted me to do it over. I told her it might be better if she finds another writer who understands exactly what she wants and that she could cancel and I won't charge her.

She hasn't responded since then, but I want to cancel the job because she's asking for something different, which should be a separate order. I've already spent so much time doing revisions because she's not sure what she wants.

How do I end the order without making my profile look bad?

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