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Searching ones GIG on Ones own Fiverr account may result in disappearing ones gig in search results!


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Hello Dear Fiverr Sellers,

I have been learning SEO nowadays and I learned that while ranking a website on Google If a person continuously searches a keyword on his/her own google search, it will result in disappearing the webpage from his search. This happens because Google AI considers that the person is not interested in the content but rather causally searching it. Can we apply to this Fiverr as well?

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41 minutes ago, donnovan86 said:


Actually … this is true. It’s called the “Falsely obtained repositioning uni-metric level obfuscation signaling erroneous reports” paradox.

Or, “F.o.r.u.m. L.o.s.e.r.” For short.

Its actually a symptom of a much larger disease involving self aggrandizing forum posts - mostly designed to appear “inquisitive.”

I’m sure that this revelation has you concerned. After all, what can we do for these lowly forum users overcome with a disorder that results in wild claims and boringly anecdotal grand standing?

I’m glad you asked.

The answer is, of course, a charity song.

Let me be clear - I’m not suggesting that we create a charity. From my understanding, that involves giving away your money. Well, I’m American hoss. We give our money to pancakes, guns and mindless entertainment - just as God intended.

I’m just talking about the “charity song” itself. If the 80’s taught me anything it’s this: problems are instantly resolved by sticking many pop stars in a room and having them sway. Who am I to reject science?

With that said - as a professional songwriter (and a keytar owner) - I’m clearly the right person for this job. I have tons of “swaying” experience and I specialize in meandering, incoherent, soap-box babble. Conveniently, that’s the exact genre that most charity songs live in.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to work the lyrics out completely. I may be suffering from writer’s block. Possibly. What’s the term for deciding not to write because you’ve fastened yourself to a lazy chair, in your sweatpants, over a bowl of Cheetos viewing the latest “Godfather” restoration and drowning yourself in espresso? Whatever it is, I’ve got that …

(Let me just pause and really take in the imaginary scene that I just spurt into existence. I haven’t had a Cheeto in years. According to “Men’s Health” the Cheeto has some cruel affect on “chest presses” - and since I can’t be trusted to responsibly ingest a “normal” size portion of Cheetos, I elected to not eat them. This also applies to:

swiss rolls




New York style pizza 

and any arrangement of ice cream that you can stick into a box.

And that’s what I love the most about being a body builder … the unrelenting torture of never having things you like. Also, the constant shoulder injuries are fun. Plus - I haven’t rested my arms comfortably to my side in 6 years. I also enjoy the insomnia, cramps and amazing back compression.

But at least I’m healthy?)

 … Despite this, I have written the first half of our charity song. I hope you find that I’ve captured the true nature of this terrible disease:

Verse One -

Their info is unverified and their aim is always false

They pretend to speak with modesty but popularity’s their cause

They strive for adulation, it’s a beast they’ll never feed

If you loved them you’d prevent them, the attention that they seek


So let’s all stand

And leave the forum loser

Yes, let’s all stand

it’s the medicine they need

if you really cared, you’d act like they’re not there

The remedy is up to you and me

It’s fairly rough around the edges - but I figure that no one will understand the words once Springsteen is singing them anyways.

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