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New account not approved after trying to change my username



Hello guys! I'm not necessarily seeking a solution to my issue here, on the forum, but I want to share my experience since there are some that might be going through the same process.

Yesterday I was told by the support team that the only way to change my username (I had an old one that was totally unprofessional, but I didn't know back then that I'll create a seller account with it 😅) is to create a new account. Ok, after trying to copy all my gig assets (images, descriptions, etc.), I deleted the gigs, deleted the profile picture, and deactivated the account. After that, as I have been told, I created a new account. Everything went smoothly, I also created two gigs, but guess what. I receive an email last night that my seller account was not approved. I said ok, weird, let me contact the support team. Their answer?

"Unfortunately, I can't change this decision.
Your seller profile wasn’t approved, but you are welcome to continue using Fiverr as a buyer or you can reopen your closed account and continue using your account."

How does that work? So someone tells me to create a new account and deactivate the old account, and after that, I'm simply stuck with an unapproved account?

I'm curious if someone else went through the same process and can share his thoughts.

Alex T.

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Just now, donnovan86 said:

Well Alex, it's very important to ensure that you find the right username from the start and stick to it. Changing the username is bad for branding and it's also going to cause issues with Fiverr and their rules. 

Absolutely, my only "problem" is that a support member suggested creating a new account. He even gave me some suggestions on what the process should look like (remove the email address so I can use it on the new account, remove images so they're not flagged as duplicates). Only now to end up having no gigs and no working accounts.

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