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Saving a little guy.


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I went to work like I always do, and during my short break I decided to go to the restroom...
and saw something moving on the floor. To my surprise it was a green-ish gray-ish gecko. He looked pretty cute BTW.
It was walking around near the women's restroom on the 7th floor and on the 6th floor is a cram school for kids.
I was worried that some girl/woman will see it and scream, or worse, some mean kid will throw something at it or even kill it.
(How did he get to the 7th floor though!!!??)

It took me a good minute or so to gently catch the little guy, wrap him with my hands, and I hurried down the stairs and ran outside.
I wanted to go to this park but that was about 5 minutes away and I didn't have enough time.
I ran to this empty parking lot surrounded by bushes, and decided to place the guy there.

I opened my hands....and was shocked to see that the gecko's tail had been cut off.
I know that this happens to lizards and geckos, they ditch their tails in order to escape.
The poor little guy was so scared he decided to lose its tail. I felt so bad for the guy. At least I know it will grow back later on.

I gently placed the gecko down on the bush, and after he stood there for a few seconds (it looked like he was enjoying the sunlight), then slowly crawled away.

I'm glad I was able to save this little guy BUT.

1. I saw the tail wiggling on its own for a few seconds, that kinda freaked me out.
2. There was a drop of gecko blood on my hand. That didn't freak me out, but I felt so bad.

It's OK, he's safe now. At least it's much better than being lost in an office building. 

Guys, if you encounter a random little creature, be nice to them. 

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"Little" as in he was able to fit easily on the palm of my hand. 🙂
I guess that counts as small?

I don't mind snakes, in fact I have no problem wrapping them around my arm/neck as long as it doesn't squeeze me to death like that anaconda movie
or bite me. 😅

And yes, the Gecko does indeed have great insurance!
I think I've been seeing that commercial for over...20 years??

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On 3/3/2023 at 8:34 PM, zeus777 said:

Guys, if you encounter a random little creature, be nice to them. 

I just leave the geckos alone (most of the geckos I run into already are growing in another tail, so I don't want to add to their trauma). We have several in our house and I recognize them by their markings. I consider it good luck whenever I see one. 😊

I tried to save a rooster who made it into our house (twice) ...but he was really stupid. He freaked out and flew into every closed window, avoided all the doors and windows that I did open for him, and ran in all the wrong directions. He even got on our mini trampoline and bounced on that for a good while, just crowing away completely petrified and terrorized by the whole incident. I really thought he would pass out from a heart attack. I finally got him outside after 20 minutes of running all over the house and furniture. A few minutes later he came back. Apparently, he completely forgot the traumatic incident that just took place! 

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6 hours ago, vickieito said:

He even got on our mini trampoline and bounced on that for a good while,

If you had recorded that thing and posted it online, it would have gone viral!!

Jokes aside, poor guy, he was so scared. I salute your patience and compassion, the world needs more people like you.

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6 hours ago, newsmike said:

Many would have opted for this:

Now this is where I should say something like Hey~ don't say that~~, that's mean~!!
.....but I must admit, I love fried chicken.
The Japanese style "tatsuta" fried chickens are to...die for??

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