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Fiverr gigs don't show up on search


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I have a few gig on fiverr which I created a while ago and has mostly stopped getting impressions (gets mostly 1-5 impressions in a week). All my gigs are properly optimized, have proper titles, keywords in title and description, good thumbnail and I am also not selling an oversaturated service. I remember when I first created the gig, I was getting upto 25 - 30 impressions on a daily basis.

The main problem that I think is because none of my gigs are showing up on search results. No matter what I try, searching with exact titles, searching with keywords, turning on online sellers, setting seller location to my country, etc still I can't find my gig. Contacted support twice but just got an automated message saying that there is no problem and it shows in search results.

I also asked one of my online friend who lives in the other side of the world to search for my gig, with exact title, seller location and online sellers, and he also can't find it. Others can get to my gig page only using the direct link. Is there something wrong? or is it fiverr telling me to promote your gigs outside fiverr? Help would be very much appreciated.

Fiverr profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/sreeharia742 (All my gigs have this problem)

(Note: My gigs are active. I have already checked status from here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/selling-on-fiverr/gigs/gig-status
My "ONLINE STATUS" under Settings is also On)

Also please don't tell me to "optimize your gig". I have already done all of that. Another thing which makes me almost certain that my gigs don't show up on search is I get no spam messages at all. When I first created my gigs 2-3 months ago, It was showing up on search and I could find it. And at the time I used to get 2-3 spam messages a week.

I think fiverr purposefully does this to encourage us to promote our gigs on social media. And the reason I am still getting atleast 1-5 impressions a week is because fiverr is trying to show the gigs to as few people as possible and expect us to get orders and grow from there. But these are just what I think and maybe my gig actually might be showing in search somewhere.

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