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Can a fiverr client actually sue me?


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Hello Fiverrains !

Hope you are all fine

I just had a bad experience with a client, which is a first in my 6 years using Fiverr .

In short, I run a translation gig and my reviews are excellent. a fiverr business client placed an order for translation directly on my gig 3 days ago, it was a small task that only costed 10$, I translated the file and delivered it, he came back two days later saying that the translation is all wrong and it is most likely google translation (although it is not), I apologised for him not liking the delivery and offered a refund.

He came back today, refused the cancellation request, and mentioned some mistakes in my translations (actually, there was a mistake from my side, I misunderstood a couple of sentences and an abbreviation, but it happens), I expressed my sorrow and apology, and sent him a modified version, and offered refund once again. He replied saying that he doesn't want the fixed file, neither the refund, and all what he wants is to sue me as the press was released and caused him problems. he is accusing me of fraud.


I don't know what to do now,  I contacted CS requesting that they cancel the order, but they said that the client must agree to it first 


Also, I have a point, he didn't accept the order in the first delivery, but he actually used the translation and released it, which I consider the true fraud act here since he could have cancelled the order anytime after using the file.


Looking forward to hearing your advice, thank you 🙂

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Great profile @hassanzeyad You're clearly very good at what you do. 

It's a good question.  I guess that any buyer could potentially take legal action against us if they felt that we didn't deliver something that impacted their business. But, i suppose we all carry this risk whether we're on the Fiverr platform, or somewhere else. As you know,  legal costs are expensive, and the threats people make are normally hampered by the costs, and the likelihood of them winning in court. 

However, the buyer has a number of days to accept the order and carry out their own due diligence on the work you've produced.  When they accept the order, they are effectively saying that they are happy with the work you've done.  If they retrospectively find out you have made an error, the only option they have is to contact Fiverr CS and express their concerns. I don't think they can sue you directly on the Fiverr platform, so unless they have your personal details from somewhere else. Legal action threats or concerns will be picked up and answered by Fiverr CS. 

It's a complicated one. But experience tells me that the threats like these are rarely followed through.  There may be some legal boffins on here that may be able to give you a more concrete answer, but my advise is not to worry about it until Fiverr tell you you need to be worried.  

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