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how does fiverr CPA pay $15 minimum if there are services charging less than $15?

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On 2/28/2023 at 3:04 AM, kentleung903 said:

they say the CPA is $15 minimum, but lets say a referral buy a service for $10, will i still get paid? [...] if $15 goes to me, $20 goes to seller, so its $35 total. its not adding up

You're error is in the assumption that Fiverr is paying the commission out of the price of the gig sale. It's Fiverr that pays the commission, not the Sellers. That's why there are two different commission plans. For Affiliates who only recommend small-cost gigs, the $15 per commission is a better deal. For Affiliates who want to get a better commission, they can choose the 'Dynamic' option, but have to recommend gigs that sell with a price tag in the hundreds-plus.

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