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How to get first order on Fiverr


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13 hours ago, mahtab_webdev said:

Hey, I'm looking for someone. I'm a new seller on Fiverr. how to get my first order on Fiverr. please give me instructions..

Hi too

Gig Images: Well you need to improve your gig images because it's not portraying your work.. Means Add your own work (portfolio) via gig images/videos etc.. They should be unique enough to grab buyer's attention.. 

Gig Description: Remove "Hello Sir".. It does not look appropriate.. Improve content as well.

Get Briefs: You can turn it on as well via Gig Page. Set the price and wait for the relevant job. It's not guaranteed that you'll get a job but try it. 

You just have to work on gigs first to make them good for buyers!

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