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Give me some tricks to catch buyer


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Hello @ads_shanto007

Gig Images are the most important images which are to be taken care off in Fiverr and should be very well represented. As of now frankly saying you gig image is average and should be worked upon or can be edited.

Some key points to be taken care off :

1. Use trendy color combinations which gives best viewer experience.

2. For the fonts, use best trendy fonts which is impactful and avoid using simple stereotype fonts.

Rest get best references online and you can get to know what should be updated which suits your market insights and clientele.

Best | Art_Tribe 

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On 2/3/2023 at 11:12 PM, ads_shanto007 said:

As an Asian country, we have a little problem with English. We try to improve it. Thanks for your feedback

It is OK to not speak English well. It is not OK to lie about your ability to do so by claiming that you are Fluent in your profile. 

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Just now, filipdevaere said:

Sorry my friend, but you have proven nothing on Fiverr.

 Why do you think that you are eligible?

I researched the rising talent gigs for about 6 months, saw their gigs, and top-rated gigs, and researched. Due to this when I give a gig on the first day, I start getting 100+ impressions daily, and 10+ clicks. That's why I think I have no problem with the gig, and I'm perfect for Rising Talent. But I don't know if there is any other requirement or not.

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1 hour ago, ads_shanto007 said:

I think I'm eligible for the Rising Talent badge, but I'm not getting it.

Most sellers who are eligible for the badge won't get it. This is because it is a manual badge, hand-picked by Fiverr's editorial staff. If they happen to see your gig, and decide that you should get the badge, you'll get it. Most eligible sellers aren't seen by Fiverr's staff.

27 minutes ago, filipdevaere said:

You have 0 (zero) reviews. How can you be a rising talent?

Those with zero reviews can become a Rising Talent. However, their profile has to meet the requirements to get the badge (see the link provided by @uk1000).

Based on my review of those with the badge, those who get the Rising Talent badge are those who have considerable experience in the industry (and mention it in their profile). Simply mentioning 5 years of experience won't be enough.

4 minutes ago, theratypist said:

Getting a sale matters more than rising talent. I've seen gigs with the rising talent badge who has one review and hasn't delivered in like 2 years. It will be better to focus on getting an actual sale than that badge. 

I agree with this! @ads_shanto007, the Rising Talent acts like the initial boost you saw when you first published your gig (Fiverr gives new gigs a boost to get exposure, so you've already experienced how it might be like to have the badge). And just like when you first posted your gig, the Rising Talent badge is a one-time boost to your gig. Once this "boost" wears off, you lose visibility again if you don't get a sale during that boost.

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34 minutes ago, filipdevaere said:

In my opinion, when you have proved nothing, you should not be allowed to get it. But… I don’t make the rules.

In my opinion, the Rising Talent badge isn't really helpful because it promotes those with "great potential," including those who don't have sales.

As a buyer, I don't buy "potential." I buy from sellers with proven success on the platform.

I used to buy from newbies with zero sales but I find that risky and it's often more work than it's worth (even if the gig is only $5). I at least wait for 1 good review before buying.

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