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Give me some tricks to catch buyer

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On 2/1/2023 at 12:51 PM, ads_shanto007 said:

Is my gig image is okay?


Everything is fine already but it would be better if you change the background color of your geek image and change the front colors then the geek image will look better.

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Hello @ads_shanto007

Gig Images are the most important images which are to be taken care off in Fiverr and should be very well represented. As of now frankly saying you gig image is average and should be worked upon or can be edited.

Some key points to be taken care off :

1. Use trendy color combinations which gives best viewer experience.

2. For the fonts, use best trendy fonts which is impactful and avoid using simple stereotype fonts.

Rest get best references online and you can get to know what should be updated which suits your market insights and clientele.

Best | Art_Tribe 

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36 minutes ago, ads_shanto007 said:

As an Asian country, we have a little problem with English. We try to improve it. Thanks for your feedback

It is OK to not speak English well. It is not OK to lie about your ability to do so by claiming that you are Fluent in your profile. 

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19 hours ago, ads_shanto007 said:

I don't understand why everyone is so aggressive.

I mean I do agree with breals. Many people already think that by somehow "exploiting" the forum they'll get more orders. I can't imagine a social media where everyone spam their gigs all day. If you think about it Fiverr is already setup like a social media platform, everyone got their gig out there. You can put tags, decide which category to be in and show off your work.

I think the real problem is that people don't take Fiverr seriously.

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