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Is it better to offer multiple related services in one gig or to offer those separately in indivudal gigs?


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I'm new here, and setting up my first gig, and would appreciate your help.  
I've seen people on fiverr put servies that aren't completely related to each other in one gig, like for example - one guy put webcomic, webtoon, comics and illustration in a single gig - the first 3 of those fall in the cateogary of comics while illustration can be anything from character design, some landscape, etc.

What are you thoughts as sellers on this platform?

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5 minutes ago, jiniyas_awode said:

Intersting. May i ask what was the idea behid setting up multiple gigs at the start?

Off course to experiment. I can do many things: photo/video editing, marketing, programming...

But I wasn't sure which is best for me. No. of sales told me to be programmer for desktop.

That's how we find our right path.

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