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What to do if seller ignores me?


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Hi everyone, I hope someone can give me some advice on this.


About 10 days ago I ordered this gig on Fiverr for some graphic design, I am a repeat customer, the delivery date was 3 days, the seller met this deadline but the work provided was not what I had asked for and I let them know I was a little dissapointed with the quality of the work provided compared to what they had made me before and what they are advertising on their gig. I let 3 people proof read it to make sure I was in no way shape or form sounding rude. And everyone agreed that it was a very reasonable and professional message to send. I provided some feedback on the design and attached more reference images. I got a message back from the seller saying that they appreciated the feedback and would revise the design. That was a week ago. I figured the delivery date for the revision might be a little longer because they did have 1 order in the queue. 3 days after requesting the revision (which the offer 3 of btw) I messaged them asking for an update because their gig mentions to ask for an update whenever. They were online for multiple hours after this message but didn't reply. Two days later I messaged them again asking for an update, after that message they once again came online, but didn't reply.

Today I messaged them asking them very nicely to please let me know what is up as I haven't heard from them in a week. I told them that I don't mind the delay and that I am willing to wait a little longer but that I would just like to hear from them. They got online a minute after I sent the message and instantly went offline again without replying.


What do I do with this situation? Because I feel like the seller has been purposefully ignoring me.


Would appreciate some help!

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Hi there.

I understand your concern. And it is really frustrating.

You have already done something on your side to make contact and communicate well with the seller. I think you can ask help to customer support if the order is still active, and the seller does not give any update yet about your revision.

I am a seller myself. Let's say that seller is very busy. But at least, if I were him/her, I will tell what's going on at least instead of ignoring it.

Maybe you will take a last chance to ask. If no response, ask Fiverr customer support.

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