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Joined Fiverr last night, looking forward to starting my freelancing journey on this platform! What can I do to maximize my chances at success?


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Hi all! 

I am a 3D artist with a passion for the music industry, so I figured the best way to get some of my work out into the world was to set my services up on Fiverr. My long term dream is to design artwork and visuals for some of the biggest music artists in the world. I'm looking to add more gigs to cover the wider range of my skills but I'm going to start with designing single/EP/album covers, then expand from there.

Now the hard part, I've always struggled with marketing my own work, so this is definitely the biggest obstacle for me. Any tips from a seasoned veteran on how I could increase my impressions and secure my first order would be massively appreciated! Thanks in advance! 

Have a good day everyone :classic_happy:

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