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De-ranking of Fiverr Gig


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Hello everyone,

I have a few questions regarding the Deranking of my main Fiverr gig 

I started a Fiverr account 2-3 months back, After a few weeks gig was ranking on my first page and receiving a lot of queries but due to some reason not able to deliver on time, and in some cases, clients went offline for a month due to this received 2-3 three-star reviews and parameters were down on evaluation dates.

I have 2-3 orders running constantly on the account but they also gig is not ranking anywhere and not able to see targeted keywords hence have optimized the gig recently and also change the category ( is it a good decision to change the category ) in the previous category I was ranking first.

I am eligible for level 1 on the next evaluation date, in the previous category repeated score was 60, and now completely different category.

Looking for a solution on this and any help will be appreciated 

Thank You.





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When you are overbooked, then you can raise your price or don't accept further orders.

Taking responsibility which you can't tackle always results in punishment (2-3 stars, deranking ...).

Rank is of you, not gigs ! So changing category, removing gigs etc won't benefit.

You need to better your performance of past 2 months. Then it will start rank again.

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Hello mate

From the last situation, I am doing well with old clients as the new query was not there and these 2-3 clients are very satisfied doing this for almost a month now still none of the gigs are ranking and there is no query yet.

I will become a level 2 seller in the upcoming evaluation for sure as those parameters are already completed.

I am worried about not getting queries, gigs are not appearing in the search results.

So what should I do in this situation?

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