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Seller Profile not approved


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Hi @shabansatti602

Based on Fiverr's response to you, there were two criteria that Fiverr was looking at:

1. Your Services: Are your gigs professional? Compliant with Fiverr's ToS? Are your services going to add value to the platform? If your gigs break the rules, look low-quality, is in an over-saturated (or strange) category, your gig may be denied.

2. Your Profile: Does your profile image accurately reflect you and your services? Is the image yours (and not stolen)? Do you come off as a trustworthy seller?

Based on these two criteria, your profile and gigs were carefully reviewed and you did not meet the qualifications that Fiverr had. So they could not approve your seller account "at this time." This leaves the door open for you to try again in the future.

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