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On 1/12/2021 at 12:05 AM, looseink said:

One of the most common questions posted on the Fiverr Forum I’ve noticed in the past few weeks I have been active on the Forum pages is one that asks something about a drop in Gig impressions and clicks.

Here is a shortlist of probable reasons for that.

Hopefully, this post will clear up some of the confusion newbies are experiencing.

1 - The Increase Of New Members To Fiverr

I have noticed a huge increase in the number of posts that start with the words, “I am new to Fiverr…” There is a great deal of interest in this freelancing platform from all over the world. It seems to attract dozens of new members every hour or two. This will have a negative impact on your Gig impressions and clicks simply due to the math.

This is what I mean by that.

If (an example I’m making up) you were one of 100 Sellers who provided a Gig on video editing a few months ago and saw a fair deal of impressions and clicks, that made sense. Now, with so many newbies on Fiverr, you may be one in 10,000 Sellers with the same Gig. That has increased your competition by a huge amount and as a result, your impressions and clicks are going to logically drop.

2 - Gig Rotation

Fiverr has (apparently) implemented a process that is known on the Forum as Gig Rotation. What this means is that if you have seen your Gig listed on Page 1 for your Gig category/keywords, it probably isn’t there anymore. Fiverr has chosen to “rotate” Gigs to make it fair to all Sellers to get Page 1 exposure.

As to what tips and tricks you have to use to activate the rotation process, it’s unknown. That’s a good thing because keeping it unknown ensures that it remains fair for everyone.

3 - Your Gig Looks Tired And Dull

It happens. With so much extra competition out there in recent months, you can bet that some of the new Sellers have Gig descriptions that are better than yours. They may even have Gig photos and videos that are better than yours. All this means is that with many new Fiverr members using flashy, attractive visuals, some of the impressions and clicks you are used to getting are going somewhere else.

You can try to compete by updating your Gig details on a regular basis (I do this) as that will keep your Gigs looking fresh and new. It also doesn’t hurt to check out what your competitors are doing and try to be better with your presentation.

There are other reasons why your impressions and clicks may be dropping from what you are used to seeing, but these are very likely the main reasons. Other Fiverr members will add to this list and hopefully everyone sees enough business in 2021 to keep busy and not worry about stats so much.

thanks.I want to increace my gig impression quickly.what do i do naw?

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