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Urgend help in cancellation


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Hello Dear friends!

Friends, I need your urgent help

Yesterday i got a new gig from a buyer but he didn’t send me complete information like color, size, and type of logo. Before a few hours, I saw that buyer left negative feedback, I was really disappointed and contacted with buyer. Buyer said that redesign my Logo within a few hours, I was really busy so i said that i will give your fund back But when i applied for mutual cancellation, buyer declined and said that you have wasted my time so therefore i will not accept your mutual cancellation, I send the logo but He again didn’t accept mutual cancellation and abused me.

Now you are thinking that why he abused you?

I said that dear brother, i have an advice, Whenever you want to apply for a gig so you should send complete information and don’t waste sellers time. But At the answer, He abused. Now i am really sad what to do. Please help me, Is there any way to remove his negative feedback, I don’t need his useless money. Waiting for reply.

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