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Fiverr, my new hope! Why I started Fiverr after losing 1M$ in trading! ( my story )


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Hey everyone, This is my first post on Fiverr forums, I would like to share a difficult chapter of my life regarding trading crypto. My apologies in advance for my bad English.

The story began in 2019, when my self-built, successful FBA business was abruptly closed by Amazon. Despite the fact that I was able to earn a substantial amount of profits from it, I now find myself in a position where I need to explore new avenues for income. The 150k I have saved up are the result of eight years of hard work in e-commerce, drop-shipping, arbitrage...

I came across countless videos showcasing the potential profits from trading crypto and being someone who loves to try new things, I thought to myself, "Why not give it a shot?" I spent three months learning the basics of trading, then I started day trading and unfortunately lost 10k dollars in my first month due to making some bad decisions like fomo etc. However, I quickly realized that the key to profitability was to change my strategy. I switched to swing trading and held my first position for six months, resulting in a near two-fold return on my investment. This approach continued to pay off, and in just one year I transformed my starting capital of 150k into a million dollars plus 10k. "I was invested in various alt coins when the value of Bitcoin started to decline, leading to a slow loss of my funds. Despite my efforts, it took over a year for me to return to my starting point of 150k. This period of time was filled with frustration, stress, and anxiety.

Unfortunately, my situation worsened when I made the decision to use leverage in an attempt to regain my financial high, but instead I lost all my money. On top of that, I experienced the loss of my father and my gf dumped me. These events took a toll on my mental health and I struggled with depression and even had thoughts of suicide, like I was in deep back hole with no light and I suffered a lot and still, life was meaningless for me, there is nothing I wanted to do. However, I am now here talking with you today.

So After months of taking antidepressants, I am now ready to start fresh from 0, and Fiverr is my only hope!

I kindly request your assistance in helping me, how can I promote my Fiverr GIG?

Thank You!

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