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Are Websites and Academic Skills Important?



Hi Fiverr Team,

Tonight I have bitten the bullet and joined Fiverr. Atm, I just have two quick questions about the seller profile setup procedure.

From the experience of existing sellers, is it beneficial to add non-university academic qualifications? Mine aren't relevant to what I plan to sell here, nor are they (I assume) verifiable by Fiverr. Given this, I haven't added any. 

Second, I'm a little confused by the option to add a personal website. By highlighting this as private, does this mean that Fiverr users/buyers won't be able to see links for this on my profile or gig pages? If not, I won't invest in setting up my own website. 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance.



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Buyers don't really mind that much about your listed qualifications, they'll really look more into your gig and what's in there.

You don't need to put in your personal website especially if you don't have one. That will be an added unnecessary expense at this time on your end, unless of course your services are making or designing them.


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