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Hi Everyone, It's Ben, Brand New Seller - Almost...

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Hi Fiverr Team!

My name is Ben and I'm a brand new seller here on Fiverr - almost. So far, I've only created my Fiverr account and done some preliminary work on my profile. Gig wise, it looks like I might need at least a week to really set something up. By no means does setting up a gig seem difficult. Atm, I'm just having to think about how I try to stand out and how I'm going to price myself in this market. 

Does this make me a lazy newbie? 🤔 I hope not! 😅

I'm guessing that if I start off by doing one thing right, I should introduce myself to the team here already. So Hi!!

I look forward to working with you all in future here on Fiverr - And hopefully sooner rather than later. 🤞



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