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How to prove copyright?



Fiver states: buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page.

1. What if, as a buyer I hire an artist for a drawing (I want to use it in a game).

2. There is nothing about copyight in their gig page, I should own the copyright.

3. You receive the artwork, but they suddenly now change the gig page to say "i own all the copyright".

How do you prove that you have the copyright?

Is there any document you can get when hiring an artist to say you have the copyright?

"How" do you receive the copyright of the gig? where is it?


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4 minutes ago, zedpython said:

What do you mean clarify?

Ask them directly who will own the copyright (specify, in detail, copyright to which work (for example, "the drawing of (describe the drawing) for the game (name of the game)"), you or him. If he says that you will own the copyright, you'll have it right there, in writing.

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