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I'm unable to figure out why!!!


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It seems I lost the momentum somewhere when I touched the milestone of 'level two'. 


I have been a consistent, top-rated successful seller with 100 percent job success score on another  platform but I am still waiting for my chances of getting some traction and consistent work here, on Fiverr. 

I understand that I need to dig out deeply and find what went wrong; however, it is confusing and saddening for me that things don't move in the direction that I wanted to. 


Any solid, friendly advice would be appreciated, pals! 

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Hi @rabihumakhan, when I vetted you last year, I did several test orders to see the extent of your writing ability. You did very well with technical writing and I was also pleasantly surprised that you were able to transform a boring write-up into a compelling piece of copy. 

When times are slow, it's good to work on your portfolio samples. This will show buyers what you can do and gives you credibility. Currently, they can't see what you can do unless they place an order. Make the ordering process easier for them by showing them first.

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