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How can I get my first order on Fiverr as a new seller?


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Another way to get more clicks is to have an attractive gig image. Your image is the first thing people will see when they view your gig, so make sure it's something that will grab their attention and make them want to learn more about what you're offering. Finally, keep your gig description short and to the point.

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There is no “one strategy” that will work for everyone. The secret is not a secret at all, if you have great gigs, good at what you do and people need and interested in your service fiverr will promote you more, give you more exposure and interested clients will buy your service. 
If your gigs are so so, don’t offer anything unique or competitive then it’s of course will be tough to get orders when there are thousands of the same sellers 

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Hi there.


1. You put wrong keywords/wrong category. Your gigs show up at wrong field.  No matters how many impressions you get is useless if you put a wrong keywords.

WHAT TO DO: Correct keyword, put your gigs at correct category.

2. Correct Keywords, BUT Your GIGS thumbnail is BAD. People saw your gigs thumbnail, BUT didn't interested to click and visit your gigs.

WHAT TO DO: Improve your GIG THUMBNAIL design

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7 hours ago, adwordhridoy said:

What should I ask from buyer as requirement for Google Ads Campaign job?

Thanks to all

You claim yourself to be "Google Ads Expert, SEM specialist, Digital marketer" then why are you asking this question?

If you also don't know the answer then how can you sell your services? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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