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Low impressions, no new orders. What could be the reason?


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Hello! I feel like I've been shadow banned, or something similar. All my clients have been happy with me, yet I'm not getting enough impressions. Is the gig video, description, or anything else bad? Would love to hear your feedback.

Here's the Link to my gig.

Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-02-15 084228.png

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Ths same thing, dropped from 300 impressions to 100. And a similar situation at all gigs. And the gig in the search from 1-2 pages, moved to 12 page and further. 
And the statistics broke in the same period as yours on February 9-10. Despite the fact that I am a Top Rated seller, and there are more than 200 reviews at the gig.
I asked this question in tech support, but got a standard answer....


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